Official Review Deadly American Shooter

Deadly American Shooter

The Deadly American Shooter is a first person shooter game based in the middle-east region. Designed with mobile devices in mind, Deadly American Shooter combines accessibility and a balanced learning curve with complex tactics to win each battle. Every battle is harder than the previous to enable user adaptability. Designed with fairness in mind, the game is completely free and players to unlock every piece of in-game content entirely via gameplay.

The hero is raised upon on American Spoil and is famous as DAS (Deadly American Shooter) that always enjoy fighting for the glory and crush anyone who comes under his way. DAS has fought many wars for mother America and has suffered from injuries during Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He is a brave and ambitious soldier by birth who doesn’t like to spend his time like dump-ass at home. DAS loves to hunt and he only hunt furious terrorists with his deadly guns.

Deadly American Shooter is built in Unity3D and Maya. Graphics and music are specially designed to give realistic feeling to its players. The game really gives amazement and entertainment to the players. In-spite of the fact that ammunition is unlimited for the players, expert players find it enjoyable and challenging to conquer the six battles of the Deadly American Shooter.

DAS on Amazon
DAS on App Store
DAS on Google Play

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