Official Review Great American Sniper

Great American Sniper

The Great American Sniper is a first-person 3D shooter game. You will play as a sniper, strike terrorists. Your task is to fight against terrorists bases and destroy Zee City terrorist remnants, to effectively combat terrorist activities.
Great American Sniper provides full enticement to its players with realistic graphics and music.

Slow-motion camera view,  long-range kills are what keep Great American Sniper from being just another generic-looking World War III shooter. Every effort was made to milk them for dramatic tension. When aiming, you can hold your breath, slowing time so you can aim your target well. Tight close-ups of the bullet in flight are accompanied by a steadily swelling roar, giving your shot a sense of impending destiny. Provided your reaction to the resulting gore is a sick thrill and not actual sickness, this is so immensely satisfying that it renders every other weapon at your disposal anticlimactic by comparison.

Great American Sniper consists of just five waves, but they’re a blast to creep through. Each one is enormous and has multiple targets meant to give you a clear progression through the map, but how you reach and tackle those targets is up to you. And when you factor in handfuls of enjoyable optional tasks, like blowing up a deadly terrorist or  the many deaths you’re likely to die, finishing a single level can take a hell of a time if you are not good with sniper games.


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