‘Clear’ App will delete your embarrassing posts on social media

MKF3881 digital marketing blog

Did you remember what you post….

when you were mad at your boyfriend?
when you were in a bad mood after a long day?
when you only have a few followers?
after that crazy party 3 years ago?

Clear‘ is a new application that allows you to take control of your online reputation.
The application connects with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to analyse potentially inappropriate histroy of social meda posts such as negative language, and complaints about specific products

The application was created by Ethan Czahov after he lost a job because of his tweets many years ago.
This new and innovative app will let people review and delete their offensive contents to avoid future problems such as job security, reputation and status. Moreover, Users are given a score between 0 and 100 based on how offensive their posts are and then they can choose what posts…

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