Nerve-racking job hunt in Australia

Every company needs outstanding employees, who possess astounding and incredible commitment of delivering optimal result. Optimal result means delivering more than the expectation. Of course, you don’t need to agree with my definition but it is a fiasco somehow. In addition, there are enormous obstacles to dig up skilful and diligent human resources, who are still looking for a job.  There can be rare cases, where such applicants are still interested in switching their jobs for better ones, but ironically such candidates share too much with keywords-recruiters; who utilize their predefined set of keywords to filter candidates owing to their limited knowledge or time. On top of it, their first goal is to collect numerous resumes and afterward then, recruiters are obnoxious to locate for the right candidate out of thousands in couple of hours.

Inarguably finding a gem is not easy, especially among thousands of resumes. However, there are handy software tools, which can filter candidates based on the given keywords. No doubt, these tools are very beneficial, but it can harm badly similar to the situation, when a kid tries to play with a knife – it can be destructive for the kid and the surroundings. Most of people are now aware of the keyword strategy, which is used to speed the process of selecting right resume with help of few famous keywords; most of these keywords are already available in the job ad. Consequently, candidates incorporate these keywords from the job description in their resumes. I must admit this inclusion of keywords is tedious job because every organization uses different terminology to describe their requirements. These keywords are importantly driven by organization ICT infrastructure, so candidates need to have basic idea of ICT portfolio of the company.

One of the other problems is that single job is posted by a lot of recruiting companies. Initially, candidate perceives a single job as multiple jobs owing to the fact that it is advertised by various recruiting agencies. As a result, the candidate spends extravagant time on single job by applying multiple times, on the top of it; candidates lose more time on following up a single job with multiple hiring managers. The problem becomes worst when the recruiters don’t want to share the potential employer or candidates consider that asking for information about the potential employer will generate negative impression, which might lead to their disqualification. If a candidate is submitted by multiple recruiting companies to a client, then client would discard the particular candidate because employers can’t reward both companies simultaneously.

In conclusion, I personally believe that applying for jobs is difficult skill to master. However, there are few key points which can diminish the burden. Confidence is the solution to many problems including job hunt. If anything is reasonable, don’t hesitate to ask question from the recruiters or employers, it will develop your definition of being reasonable. In addition, don’t apply for the job unless you have talked to the recruiter. Most of the time, their names are mentioned in job description and if it is not provided, then “contact us” feature is the best way to touch base with them.


2 thoughts on “Nerve-racking job hunt in Australia

  1. Kristen says:

    Another problem, at least here in the US, is that recruiters often post fake job listings. Essentially, they “catfish” to draw candidates to put into their database. Which might not be so bad if we (the job seekers) end up with some job leads from it. But reality is that these phantom jobs give false hope and add to the list of jobs applied to but never heard from.

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    1. Michael says:

      It happens here in Australia, especially in “off season”. Actually such recruiters pill up many for almost no use. I would recommend to call them before applying for the job. If they don’t show much interest, it means that they might not have any solid opportunity. Secondly, if they try to take information related to job market or your previous applications then it is for sure that they don’t have anything.


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