Cargo Truck – Free Mobile Simulator Game

Cargo Truck – A game of control

512Today I am here to share my point of view for the game that I have played recently. Its Cargo Truck by HawksGames. This time lets become a transporter.

Cargo Truck game is about bringing stones from mountains to the city. In game you are a driver but not a usual driver. You had a large trawler attached in the back loaded with stones and your tcargo_truck_s1ask is to delivered them to some place in the city at a given time. You may think it as an easy task to do but trust me you are going have a very tough time completing Cargo Truck’s levels.

Graphic of Cargo Truck game are truly amazing and eye catching. Game developers have provided the 2 environment which are cicargo_truck_s2ty and mountains environment. Both the environments have their own features and beautification. Menu and user controls have energetic colors to avoid losing users attraction from the game.

cargo_truck_s3There are total Six levels in Cargo Truck game to play and they are time based. This means you have to complete them in given time. At first only level 1 is available for playing and the other levels are opened gradually upon playing and completing the previous levels. Once a level is opened it stayed opened and can be replayed by the users to sharpen their skills and to beat their own best time.

Along with the graphics and controls, the game-play music is also attractive and soothing for the ucargo_truck_s5sers. If you are a good simulator player then you can finish the game easily in few hours but it is developed keeping in mind about the beginners, so it is the thing which game lacks is the large number of missions in its, as it only have 6 missions, but we can hope that the next version will come with more exciting mission and features.

Overall Cargo Truck is tough but fun playing game which you must have in you mobile devices not matter android or iOS as the game is freely available for the cross platforms so that you can enjoy your free time users can get it from apple App Store and android users can download it from GooglePlay and Amazon.

AmazoniTunesGoogle Play


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