Deadly Dino Hunting 3D

Deadly Dino Hunting 3D – World of hunt set for you

dino_hunting_iconAs one of the mobile games lover, I got a chance to download a new game this weekend from the same developer account, whose games were reviewed by me previously to see that how exciting this game is made by them. The game which is reviewed by me this time is named as Deadly Dino Hunting 3D by HawksGames.

Living and surviving in the world of huge and hungry dinosaurs world is not that easy as it sounds. To survive in this deadly world of didino_hunting_s1nosaurs one must have an eagle’s eye and tiger’s speed because you will never know from which side a deadly dinosaur can attack you & fulfills its hunger.

Deadly Dino Hunting 3D game has jungle based environment where killer dinosaurs are present around you unaware from dino_hunting_s2your presence. And you had to survive among these dinosaurs. You had a Sniper gun in your hands so that you had a clear view of the environment to find and hunt the deadly dinosaurs before they find and hunt you.

Game graphics are good and made keeping in mind the nature of the game. Dinosaurs used in the game are horrifying to keep dino_hunting_s3the user attention on the game. Deadly Dino Hunting 3D is a first person sniper shooting game. When the user gets attacked by the dinosaurs blood drops are displayed on the screen provide the feeling of real pain.

Game has a total six levels to play same as previous games like the Cargo Truck game reviewed previously by me. In each dino_hunting_s5level you have to kill a certain amount of dinosaurs to complete a level. Once a level is completed next level in the row is opened to play. Game has very smooth controls. And sounds used for dinosaurs are really amazing and create a real dangerous addition into game environment.

Overall Deadly Dino Hunting 3D is an interesting survival game and I’ll suggest you give this a shot. Currently the game is only available for Android for free and can be download from GooglePlay, Amazon, and iOS

AmazoniTunesGoogle Play


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