Aircraft Fighter 2D Battleship – Free Mobile Game

Aircraft Fighter 2D Battleship

aircraft_fighter_iconAircraft Fighter 2D Battleship as the name represents is a 2D aircraft shooting game released by HawksGames for both iOS and Android platforms.

aircraft_fighter_s1It is a cartoon type fun shooting game. In game player have to destroy the aircraft approaching from opposite direction and attacking the user aircraft. User have to control the aircraft and to destroy the enemy airplanes.

aircraft_fighter_s2aircraft_fighter_s3Aircraft Fighter 2D consists of 3 levels but within each level there are 3 waves to clear in order to complete the level. In each level player have to destroy enemy planes and once the specific number of waves are cleared player have to fight the enmy bosses at the end of the mission to clear the mission successfully. In each new mission, new enemy is faced by the player and player have to control the new aircraft for fighying the enemy and enemy bosses.

aircraft_fighter_s7Beautiful game graphics, sounds and game-play make the user enjoy the game. Colorful game environment is used for attraction. User energy refill user can collect the beautiful hearts and aliong with that coins can be collected to increase the score.

Game provides two types of controls to play the game available in game settings. Only one thing with the game is that for now only 3 missions are available for the game but hope that the new game release will come up with more exciting new levels and features for the users in the game.
As a final word Aircraft Fighter 2D is a fun playing game.

The game is available for both iOS and Android for free. iOS users can download it from apple’s iTunes App Store and android user can get it from GooglePlay and Amazon.

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