Deer Hunting – Free Mobile Game

Deer Hunting – Enjoy Hunting

deer_hunting_iconExperience a real Sniper Shooting hunting game on a mobile device. Hunt as many stags as you can in a limited time frame with your sniper rifle clear the waves.

The game starts with the beautiful maindeer_hunting_s2 menu screen with a deer picture in background having a title of “Hunt Me” like its challenging the user. So its up to the player that either the challenge is accepted or not.

deer_hunting_s3Beautiful snow valley environment is created for hunting the deer along with the other roaming harmless animals nearby, where deers are moving randomly in the environment. Player have take aim and hunt them on time. Hunting the running stags/deers is not a piece of cake. But luckily you had appropriate tools for this as you have been given a gun and it’s not a common gun it’s a sniper with zooming capabilities so that player can see a clear view of your target.

deer_hunting_s4deer_hunting_s6Deer Hunting is a time based game consisting of multiple waves means that one will be given a certain amount of time for wave to clear that wave in the given time else the game will be over and you have to start it again from the beginning, as you progress through levels number of deer increases along with the time difficulty.
While hunting the deer user have to be very careful because if user hunt the deer the randomly in a wrong order other deer will start running thus making it difficult to hunt them.

Game graphics are amazing and animal movements looks realistic. Realistic sound effects are used for both sniper shot and animals.

The game is available for both iOS and Android for free. iOS users can get it from apple App Store and android can download it from all the major markets including (GooglePlay, Amazon and Opera)


AmazoniTunesGoogle Play


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