Duck Hunting – Free Mobile Game

Duck Hunting – Time for hunting ducks

duck_hunting_iconIf you are feeling bored and looking for an interesting and time passing game, Then Duck Hunting is a game for you to pass the free time in a beautiful way hunting the ducks.

duck_hunting_s2First come the game-play as it is for most of the time the main focus of any gamer while choosing a game to play. Duck Hunting game has six continues time based waves. What do I mean by continues time waves? It means if you fail in clearing any wave you will have to start the game from beginning from the very first wave. Waves becomes harder to complete as you progress in the game because more ducks have to be hunted by the player to clear the wave which according to my point of view is a good addition to the game play.

duck_hunting_s3 duck_hunting_s5 duck_hunting_s6Now about the game environment. Duck Hunting game environment is really amazing, beautiful and attractive. When one starts playing the game a beautiful pond is displayed in the center of a jungle where ducks are flying over the water and that’s the location where player have to hunt the ducks in time with hunting weapon.

Game controls are smooth making it easy to aim and hunt the flying ducks. Realistic sounds are used for both ducks and gun shots. Game play music is really awesome. Wooden texture is used for game menu which looks beautiful.

As a final word Duck Hunting is a good time passing game as mentioned early the review and is available for both iOS and Android for free. Available for apple user at App Store and for android users it is available on all the major markets including (GooglePlay, Amazon and Opera)

AmazoniTunesGoogle Play


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