Monster Truck Snowfall – Free Mobile Game

Monster Truck Snowfall – Enjoy Driving in snow fall

monster_truck_snowfall_iconMonster Truck Snowfall by HawksGames. The game is kind of mixture of racing and simulation which means that one can have a taste of both at the same time in one game.

Game starts with the beautiful live main menu and graphics where a monster truck with started engine is displayed that’s look really amazing, and frankly I haven’t seen this type of main menu before inmonster_truck_snowfall_s1 any game as it’s a new idea for the main menu used by the developers. A beautifully designed level select menu where one can select a level to play. Game level is selected which lead to the adventure. Game play starts in the snow-valley where the user have to control the monster truck by driving it on the track, collecting coins and fuels tanks to complete the race against the time

The basic idea of the game is that the user have a monster truck to drive but on a defined path which is closemonster_truck_snowfall_s2d by wooden boundary. Player must be very careful while driving because if the truck got hit by anything including the wooden boundary or stones in the path the game will be over. Also in the way there are coins that user have to pick while on its way towards the finish point.

monster_truck_snowfall_s3 monster_truck_snowfall_s4Monster Truck Snowfall has six levels to play and each level have a certain time and user must complete the level in that given time else player have to be play the level again.
Game has only four touch button on the screen through which are used to control the truck movements and speed while driving to reach the end point in the given time. Selection of truck engine sound and game-play music is amazing. While playing the game player feels energetic because of the sounds and environment.
According to my point of view one must try the game and will definitely like this one as the game is available for FREE and can downloaded it from the following links for Android & iOS platforms.

If you are using iPhone or iPad you can get it from this link iTunes

And if you are using Android you can get it from these Android app stores GooglePlay and Amazon

AmazoniTunesGoogle Play


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