War Lord – Free Mobile Game

War Lord – Fight for Peace & Prosperity

war_lords_iconWar Lord is a first person shooting game published by HawksGames. Main theme of the game resembles the counter strike in which user have to find and eliminate the enemy to clear the mission

war_lords_s2War Lord is a first person shooting game. The game is about the soldier who have to fight the terrorist in the desert, and as the story of the fight continuous, he has to save the hostages in the final missions from the hostile forces.

war_lords_s3war_lords_s6War Lord consists of six levels game-play. Levels become more and more difficult to complete as you progress through as the number of soldiers are increased in each new level. Levels are not time-limited which means you are free to take as much time as you want but in order to complete the level you must find and eliminate all the enemies and once a level is completed next level is available to play. User have to very careful, as if player got spotted by the enemy, he will got shot by them, resulting in loss of the player health.

war_lords_s4Game environment is truly amazing and eye catching.  A desert kind of environment is built for the game. Buildings and other object are beautifully designed. Enemy soldier’s animation give the realist view to the game.

war_lords_s5Game has very smooth and easy controls. One left side of the screen joystick is available to control the player movement and on the other side of the screen a fire button is placed if you tap on that button the gun will start firing.
War Lord is tough but interesting game and I hope you will enjoy playing it and will suggest your friends too.

The game is available for both iOS and Android. iOS users can get it from apple App Store and android user can download it from GooglePlay and Amazon for free.

AmazoniTunesGoogle Play


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