American Zombie City – Free Mobile Game

American Zombie City – Be careful they are everywhere

zombies_city_iconZombie City is a 3rd person hybrid i.e., 3D & 2D game game with exciting features and provide the best game experience to its users on the mobile device with the story game developed by HawksGames.

A lot of zombie games have been played by every one but rarly someone have experienced zombies_city_s1this type of hybrid zombies games as I have never gone through such an interesting hybrid strategy, fighting game. The story of the game described in the game descriptions is like that an experiment in an distant city went wrong changing every living human into living dead hungry for other human flesh. A player which is name as (Moody) by the developers not only have to survive in the city but to have find someone important in his life in the doomed city full of dangerous zombies.

Game environment is give a real of real doomed city with horrifying creatures present at different location in the dormant form. Background music used made the game play more interesting including the growling sounds of the zombies and the their dying sounds as well.

zombies_city_s3In a game a lot of features is provided in which the best is the single joystick with multiple function, that single joystick is used for player movement, speed, rotation and turning, user can roll down with the roll button if got surrounded by large number of zombies and a single action button can be used to climb over the hurdles, to pick up the weapons, the intersting feature is the auto filling health of the user.

When wespon is picked up, sam weapon button is used to fire it up, that how the developers have made the controls optimized by combing multiple function in single buttons thus making is easy for users to play the game. A map of the city zone is provided with the indications of pick up, zombies and location.

zombies_city_s4There are total of 6 zones, and next zone in the city Is cleared by eliminating all the zombies in the current zones, number of zombies increases as user made progress in the game and have to fight more dangerous and tough zombies. The hidden feature of the game is the automatic gun, which get unlocked automatically if the user keep on collecting the amount which is displayed when the zombies are killed, and there are in game achievements which makes the game more interesting as most of the players or games play the games to take all the achievements is the games.

zombies_city_s7From the game play and features, it is one of the best product developed by the HawksGames and hopefully they’ll work on it to make is better, frankly, I’ll wait for the game new version to play as it’s the game that I haven’t deleted yet from my device and usually play to take all the achievements.

zombies_city_s6If anyone wants to play a simple, and good game for entertainment after searching in the vast oceans of the game, I’ll personally prefer this game as its simple, small, enjoyable, & interesting game developed by HawksGames providing a new gaming experience to their users.

The bad thing is that the game is not available for the iOS users till now and is only available for the android, hope that the iOS readers will soon have the chance to play this interesting hybrid game on their devices soon.

Zombie City is currently available only for Android and can be downloaded free of cast from these links: GooglePlay and Amazon.

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