Fast Car Racing – Free Mobile Game

Fast Car Racing – Become a number one racer

fast_car_racing_iconFast Car Racing is an exciting 3D racing simulation game developed and published by HawksGames for cross platforms including iOS & android available on major app stores.

fast_car_racing_s1Fast Car Racing as the name implies is a 3D car racing game where user can select fast racing cars like McLaren F1 to play the races in the game.

fast_car_racing_s2fast_car_racing_s3The game provides two type of game-play to select from Time Play and Lap Play for a single race track and the game consists of the 2 race tracks. In Time Play one must complete the level in given time and get the stars according to the time.  And in the classic Lap race one have multiple opponents to race with and =have to defeat them in order to get first position. There is no time limit in lap race, the exciting theing that is provided is before starting the lap race the laps for the race can be set by the users, i.e., it is upto the user to select How many laps he/she wants to play?

fast_car_racing_s8Fast Car Rafast_car_racing_s4cing has two beautifully designed city and desert race tracks for users to race in. Game controls are very simple & easy to control the car by using device sensors. You don’t need to keep the accelerate button pressed to move the car the game doesn’t have accelerate button as the car will automatically move forwards, only the car handling is controlled. Break button on the screen can be used to slow down the car and also to use reverse gear with the same break button. Car speed can be increased using the boost button on the screens which can be used to overtake the opponents in the race or to complete the race before target time to achieve all the 5 stars in the race.

Game environment and graphics are colorful and attractive. Beautiful games are used in the game for the good user experience.

As a final word if you are a fan of racing games, give this game a try I hope you will enjoy this game.

Fast Car Racing game can be downloaded from the following links. iOS users can download it from apple’s iTunes App Store and android user can get it from GooglePlay and Amazon.

Play BadgeiTunes BadgeAmazon Badge 1


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