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School Bus – Be a School Bus driver

school_bus_iconSchool Bus is a 3D simulation game published by HawksGames for multiple cross platforms.

School Bus 3D bus simulschool_bus_s1ation game simple objectives of picking up children from their bus stop and then dropping them off to their school but that only doesn’t make an interesting game so developers have added time to this process to make it challenging and also included the fast traffic in each mission. So player have to pick up the children from the bus stop and drop them to their school not only in time but with safety i.e., without getting hit by other vehicles and if the task is not completed on time or the bus got hit, it will result in failing the complete mission.

school_bus_s2The game have total six levels to play and each level has different time and increased difficulty. While playing the game one must be very careful and must have an sharp eyes on the movement of irregular fast traffic breaking the traffic rules.

school_bus_s3school_bus_s6Game graphics are colorful and attractive for the users, especially the main menu screen. Game controls are very smooth and player will found no problem while driving or handling the school bus. The one thing which I don’t find attractive is the students animation when boarding on the bus and the game have total of 6 levels only, hope that in the next update the new animations will be included along with more missions.

As a final word I’ll suggest you this game because I enjoyed playing this game a lot and I hope you will enjoy it too.

The game is available for free for both Android and iOS mobile phone. Android users can get it from including GooglePlay and Amazon and where iPhone and iPad user can get it from iTunes App Store

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